Wedding Ceremony

I m going to let you in on a little secret that i learned early on in my career as an event planner you can control a great number of things but the weather will never be one of them. This is usually determined by the size of the tent and how many guests you d like to fit under it.

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However again as long as you have a legal ceremony at a registry office to legalise the wedding you can get married under a tent if you would like to.

Wedding ceremony under tent. Perfect for rustic bohemian classic and contemporary weddings alike tents create cozy protected spaces for attendees to mingle drink and eat. It isn t too uncommon for weddings to be held in the actual reception area. This will require no transitioning between other than a short walk for your guests.

Wedding tents should include everything that a regular venue has such as flooring power air conditioning heating units generators lighting and portable bathrooms notes jennifer. We made for you the selection of the most popular photos on options for wedding tent decoration that forever imprint the day in the memory of your guests. A wedding reception beneath a gorgeously decorated tent can provide the best of both worlds for your wedding.

In this article i am going to walk you through everything you need to know about procuring the perfect tent for your special event including varieties sizing calculations accessories both necessary and optional ensuring your tent remains comfortable regardless of weather and more. You get the feel of an outdoor reception yet you re shielded from the elements. No one wants to rent a wedding tent.

This isn t want you want to hear. A wedding tent is a common type of organization of the wedding space. For example if you love the look of a clear top tent the see through.

Of course planning a tented reception is a bit more complicated than simply pitching a tent atop a picturesque green space. There are tons of details that must be taken into consideration before making the decision to opt for a tented wedding. However in many licenced wedding venues there are small outdoor structures for example pagodas where you can have a legal ceremony outdoors.

Hold the ceremony in the reception area. Splitting your tent in half will allow you to set up for your ceremony and your reception. When planning an outdoor wedding party or gathering your tent is one of your most important considerations.

They can be expensive and daunting to think about and the sky is just so lovely this time of year. What s more these tents helped newlyweds and their guests take cover in style regardless of the wedding s overall look. For example you expect that a 30x45 tent layout would be different from a 40 x60 or a 10 x20.

Of course not every tented wedding involved a traditional white covering. I know i know. There are many different ways in which you can set up the seating arrangement under a tent.