Wedding Ceremony

Wood silverware 6th anniversary. The traditional wedding anniversary gift list goes as far back as the middle ages but it s still very much in use today a representation of the couple s marriage strengthening over the years each gift gradually increases in both substance and value.

Top Wedding Anniversary Ideas Traditional Anniversary Gifts Modern Anniversary Gifts Anniversary Gifts

For each year we give you not only the themes but also gift suggestions you can really use.

Wedding anniversary theme years. The american national retail jeweler association expanded on this list in 1937 by filling in the missing years up to the 14th wedding anniversary and the subsequent multiples of five up to the 50th year. In 1937 the american national retail jeweler association added additional years to the list including all years up to 14 years of marriage and every 5th year up to 50 years of marriage. Nowadays each year is associated with anniversary gift materials or types as well as different gemstones and designated colors or color combinations that tie into and relate to the anniversary year s overall theme.

According to the anniversary symbols guideline each wedding anniversary have a symbolic anniversary color s. Each anniversary year has been marked by a gift. However only some anniversary years were included in the book the first fifth then every fifth year up to the 25th wedding anniversary.

Together these four components offer tons of anniversary gift ideas. Bronze linens lace 9th anniversary. Cotton china 3rd anniversary.

Since budgets and gift giving traditions vary we ve suggested both inexpensive gestures and over the top ideas. Also the modern themes are a purely consumerist invention there is no intent to symbolize the growing marriage years and only use a kind of increasing price tag every year. A wedding anniversary celebrates years spent together.

Paper clock 2nd anniversary. For some anniversary years they may have one or two designated color s for that. Leather crystal glass 4th anniversary.

Fruit flowers applianes 5th anniversary. It s a joyous expression of experiences you ve shared and a day that commemorates the love that has strengthened your bond. Copper desk set 8th anniversary.

These gift suggestions for each year of marriage are today referred to as the traditional themes for each anniversary. A day so special requires a celebration that is equally special. Wedding anniversary by years the complete theme list like many peoples i am not too much into the modern list as it looks a little outdated compared to the traditional.

We even have some cute anniversary date ideas if you need some inspiration. Candy iron wood 7th anniversary. Anniversary gifts and themes by year classic modern.