7 Tips to Get the Best Photos on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment for most of the people. So it would be nice if that moment could be captured properly through the lens of the photographer's camera.

Every bride and groom needs to create the perfect wedding photo to remember or show to their grandchildren. So, how to produce good wedding photos?

Even if there is already a photographer or stylist, it doesn't always guarantee that your appearance will look good in the photo. Seven professional photographers also share tips and tricks to get the best photos on your wedding day, summarized from various sources.

1. Avoid Always Staring at the Camera

Even though the concept is that the photo is taken secretly, it still takes a trick to make the perfect candid photo. The trick is to avoid looking directly at the camera.

"It will be very helpful if the bride and groom look away from the camera. Try to look at the shoulders of the photographer or bridesmaid. It's better if you keep moving so that it looks more natural, rather than looking stiff posing," said photographer Kate Hauschka.

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2. Pay Attention to Posture

According to photographer Susan Shek, the best trick to looking beautiful in wedding photos is to improve your posture. Try to stand with your shoulders straight and keep your chin up to reveal a long neck. Avoid slouching postures that will make you look lazy and lack shine in photos.

3. Enjoy Your Time To The Fullest

The next tip is to enjoy your special time to the fullest. Show up with confidence because on that day, everything you prepared finally paid off. All you have to do is get married and enjoy the day.

"Enjoy the day. Don't stress on that day because all the feelings will be clearly seen on your face," said photographer James Berglie.

4. Photo After Makeup

Photographer Joanna Moss recommends that the bride and groom take the time to take pictures before the party begins.

"That way, the time when taking photos with the time when the makeup is finished is still close, so the appearance still looks perfect, and there is no tired face," he said.

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5. Relax

"A person can get the best photos when he is relaxed. Even small steps like taking deep breaths can help you stay relaxed and make your face look radiant in the photo," says photographer Mishael Freeby.

6. Express Yourself As Freely As Possible

Put on an honest expression when you take a photo. A fake smile will be very noticeable and make for a disappointing photo. On the other hand, if you are happy that day, don't hesitate to always smile and laugh during the party.

"One thing I always tell all my clients is that genuine feelings are better than posing. Don't focus on the photographer, but on your new husband. Focus on how you feel and you'll make the perfect shot."

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7. Natural Makeup

A photographer named Erin Bhoorasingh suggested making natural-looking makeup, especially the eyes. He wanted to capture the bride's face and true expression which is more visible if she is wearing natural makeup. Then in the eye area, it is very necessary to use products that are water, sweat and oil resistant so that the appearance remains optimal even if you cry.

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