Viral Children's Wedding Officials like People's Markets, Free Guests Take Vegetables

Acara pernikahan rasa pasar rakyat di Surabaya, viral di media sosial.

Surabaya -

This video showing the wedding of the bride and groom stole the attention of netizens because the guests who attended were allowed to take free vegetables and fruits. The bride and groom also provide reusable bags for guests to bring home vegetables and fruits for the invited guests.

The wedding video of the people's market taste was shared by the TikTok wedding organizer @kamiisah_ account. The video shows the happiness of the invited guests when they can bring home vegetables and fruits.

"Coming to the invitation, the taste of the people's market is luxurious, check!! Auto pack it, take it home. Just take it, when will you go shopping, don't pay, khan. You don't even miss to pack it up. Moreover, your auto vendor friend is full of smiles. vegetables + fruit," wrote the TikTok account @kamiisah_.

Acara pernikahan rasa pasar rakyat di Surabaya, viral di media sosial. The people's market taste wedding event in Surabaya, went viral on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @kamiisah_.

The wedding organizer's upload about marriage, which is like a free people's market, has been watched by more than 281,000 views and has received various comments from netizens. Some were inspired and praised the idea of ​​a bride.

"Great..the latest idea that fits the souls of Indonesian people👍😅.. can I know whose wedding this is?🙏" Curious about @Indah Rizqiah's account.

"Wow, the idea is really cool," said the account @Nia_nia.

"Make other people happy then happiness will always come," said the account @cottoncandiiies.

"If you're a coal boss, it's good to make an event like this that brings you home full of smiles," said the account.

"The idea... it's really cool. Go home happy guests ," said the account @Jolliexxx.

"I can't, the mothers in my house area are barbaric, all those who are broken are fighting over," said the account @anjaprilll.

Confirm Wolipop

Wolipop has contacted the owner of the wedding organizer, Kami Stories, who uploaded a wedding video with this unique concept. One of the owners of the wedding organizer, Kami Stories tells the story behind the viral wedding video. Kami Stories is a wedding organizer owned by Fikria Marfuatin Nur, Dwi Wahyu Saraswati, Nurma Malinda Putri, and Fitri Rochmahdian,

"It was a decoration that was requested by our client, our client requested a decoration feel like a people's market, which is filled with fruits and vegetables which later can be taken for free and as much as invited guests who come. From our client's mother , Mrs. Deputy Mayor of Surabaya," said Fikria Marfuatin Nur to Wolipop via WhatsApp, Friday (23/9/2022).

The current Deputy Mayor of Surabaya is Ir. H. Armuji, M.H. Armuji has a wife named Iswahyurini. The marriage of the son of the deputy mayor of Surabaya will be held on July 29, 2022 at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Surabaya. The wedding organizer, which has been established since three years ago, was also happy because the wedding of the Surabaya mayor's son, with the theme of the people's market, was enthusiastically welcomed by invited guests.

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