Viral Efficient & Simple Marriage Couple, Borrowed Ring from In-laws When Applying

Pasangan viral di media sosial.

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The wedding reception is the most awaited moment for every couple to become king and one day. Usually couples are willing to spend a lot of money to hold a dream wedding party.

However, this viral couple is different. They make dream wedding receptions simple and simple. It is Nadiatul Akmal who carries the concept of a simple and budget-efficient wedding for her special day.

"Don't normalize weddings beyond your means," Nadiatul wrote in her video uploaded on TikTok which went viral. The video has been watched by almost 1 million views and has received more than 2,400 comments.

Netizens who commented some prayed for his marriage and were amazed by his decision to marry simply. There are also netizens who are curious about how he saved the wedding budget.

When confirmed by Mstar, Nadiatul admitted that she felt it was enough to hold a simple wedding because she saw her own financial condition. Nadiatul, who works as a software engineer, held a marriage ceremony in Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

"The most important thing is getting married. Wanting to go through the wedding process and taking care of all the preparations is already stressful. So it's enough for me to hold a simple event," said Nadiatul to Mstar.

Pasangan viral di media sosial. A viral couple on social media, Nadiatul and her husband held a simple wedding ceremony. Photo: Doc. TikTok @aidaneusofff.

His parents supported his desire for a simple marriage. Even his father did not interfere with the delivery money from the male side. The father allowed his future husband to give delivery money according to his ability.

"My father just went along with the wedding plans. Even though he didn't interfere much with how much the men could afford. He also suggested that if it's okay to pray together and eat together," said Nadiatul.

Likewise from the family of her future husband who agreed to hold a simple wedding. Nadiatul feels lucky that the family does not interfere in her marriage. In fact, he got help from his cousin who married close to him.

"A week before I got married, my cousin also got married and he had an excess of goodie bags. So he gave it to my wedding," he said.

Pasangan viral di media sosial. Nadiatul's wedding was in the spotlight on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @aidaneusofff.

The thing that Nadiatul thinks about the most is the wedding dress and the photographer because for her it is a memory that she will always cherish until she gets old. So he did not hesitate to spend money for these two things in his marriage.

As for makeup, she does not use the services of a professional makeup artist. She was made up by a friend who wanted to sponsor her wedding makeup. And after the approval, he only invited 200 relatives and closest family.

"200 people, 50 me, 50 husbands, 100 for both parents. Delivery is also what I usually wear later. The men are wedding clothes and shoes. The photographer is also from an old friend of mine and he offers a friend's price," explained Nadiatul.

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In her upload on TikTok, Nadiatul wrote that she borrowed a ring from her in-laws. Apparently the borrowed ring was only used at the proposal ceremony. Meanwhile, at the wedding, the husband had already bought it.

"I already have my own wedding ring that my husband bought. Even though my mother-in-law has offered to wear the ring, I refuse," he explained.

Pasangan viral di media sosial. The wedding ceremony went viral on social media, a photo of Nadiatul with her family and partner. Photo: Doc. TikTok @aidaneusofff.

Nadiatul hopes that after her upload about her budget-saving wedding goes viral, it can inspire other couples. "Whatever comes back to ourselves. If we feel capable, we will do it," he continued. "As long as we don't burden ourselves and our partners because later we will also bear everything," he concluded.

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