Viral Coffin of the Body Passes in the Middle of the Wedding Party, Here's the Story Behind it

Beredar viral di media sosial keranda jenazah lewat ke dalam area lokasi pernikahan.

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This wedding event suddenly became the spotlight of netizens after being uploaded to social media. Because when the event was in progress and there were still many invited guests, suddenly there was a coffin of corpses passing in the middle of the wedding location.

The moment the coffin passed while the wedding was still going on went viral after being shared by TikTok user @merpati_wedding. In his upload, it said the location of the wedding was at the bride's house. And access to the wedding location is the only one that can be passed in order to deliver the body.

"After the wedding, there was sad news from the neighbors. Innalillahi wainna illaihi rojiun, the corpse was forced to pass through the wedding tent which was still full of guests because this was the only way," wrote the TikTok account @merpati_wedding.

In the video, security officers and local residents work hand in hand carrying a coffin across the wedding area. The moment was in contrast to the wedding ceremony that was taking place.

Beredar viral di media sosial keranda jenazah lewat ke dalam area lokasi pernikahan. Circulating virally on social media, the coffin passed into the area of ​​the wedding location. Photo: Doc. TikTok @merpati_wedding.

The post, which shows the coffin passing in the middle of the wedding party, has been viewed by more than 1.9 million views and has received 109.2 thousand likes. Warganet immediately flooded the comments column.

"At least rent a building so it doesn't block the road, you already know the roads one by one," suggested TikTok user @arshellino.

"In Java it's called sandung wangke," said the account @Mirna Rosiana.

"Actually, getting married in a hotel is not expensive, it's even more practical and efficient," said the account @Eva_Kwan17.

"The lesson is that it could be that our soul mate is death, not him. So fix yourself to wait for death, not to wait for a mate that is not certain to come," said @raflysalby.

"All Qodarullah.. the ones that are used are public roads, just be grateful to give them help. God willing, it will be okay, hopefully the household will be vague," replied the account @Rani Destira Azka.

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Confirm Wolipop

Wolipop has contacted Bunda Een as the owner of bridal makeup, Merpati Wedding, who uploaded the moment the group brought the coffin through the wedding party. He tells the story behind his uploads.

"It happened when the procession of the bride and groom was over. Not long after, there was sad news from a neighbor who had an intention. Incidentally, the closest access to the cemetery was through a wedding tent that was in progress. Then the bereaved family asked for permission to pass. ," said Bunda Een to Wolipop via WhatsApp, Monday (10/10/2022).

Foto acara pernikahan viral di media sosial. Photo of the bride named Anita, a viral wedding on social media. Photo: Doc. private

The 42-year-old makeup artist explained that the viral wedding took place on October 8, 2022 in Mojokerto, East Java. The bride and groom carry Sundanese customs in their wedding ceremony. Mother Een at that time was at the wedding location and was surprised when she heard the sad news.

"I was shocked to hear the sad news. I was afraid that if the decorations were dismantled, it turned out to be quite the way. I really salute the parents of the bride and groom who have allowed the hearse to pass through the ongoing wedding party," he said.

Foto acara pernikahan viral di media sosial. Wedding photos are viral on social media. Photo: Doc. private

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