Kim Yuna Holds a Luxurious Wedding, The Price of the Wedding Dress is Almost IDR 1 M

Pernikahan Kim Yuna dan Ko Woo Rim

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Kim Yuna , a former South Korean speed skater held a lavish wedding. Now the public is highlighting the price of Kim Yuna's wedding dress, which has almost reached Rp. 1 billion.

After retiring from speed skating in 2014, Kim Yuna still exists in South Korea. The legendary athlete received many advertising offers and was appointed as the brand ambassador for Dior Korea.

On Saturday (10/22/2022), Kim Yuna officially married singer Ko Woo Rim, who she had been dating for three years. The couple held a party at the Shilla Hotel Seoul, one of the most expensive venues to rent.

Kim Yuna's appearance on her happy day became a conversation. The bride looks elegant in a white off-shoulder dress that shows her shoulders.

Pernikahan Kim Yuna dan Ko Woo Rim Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim's Wedding Photo: Instagram

The bust of the wedding dress is decorated with lace with floral and leaf prints. like royal princess, Kim Yuna wearing a tiara and long veil as a hair ornament.

Reporting from Insight, Kim Yuna wore a wedding dress designed by Lebanese designer Elie Saab like Son Ye Jin on her wedding day. However, the dress Kim Yuna is wearing has been redesigned and is different from the original released collection.

The price of Kim Yuna's wedding dress is even more fantastic because it has been redesigned. Elie Saab's Spring 2023 collection is estimated at 80 million won (approximately Rp. 869 million).

Pernikahan Kim Yuna dan Ko Woo Rim Kim Yuna's wedding dress in the spotlight Photo: Instagram

While the price of the original dress that is not custom ranges from 10 million to 27 million won (approximately Rp. 108 million to Rp. 293 million).

Price of Kim Yuna's Pre Wedding Dress

The day before Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim's wedding, an invitation photo was circulated showing the bride wearing a luxurious yellow dress.

Pernikahan Kim Yuna dan Ko Woo Rim Photo on Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim's wedding invitation Photo: doc. JTBC News

It was revealed that the dress was a collection of famous designer Oscar De La Renta, who often worked with Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, to Sarah Jessica Parker.

According to JTBC News, the price of the yellow dress that Kim Yuna wore during the pre-wedding was worth $14,071 (approximately IDR 218 million).

Invited guests also feel the luxury Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim from wedding favors. The couple gave a collection of Dior bags and cosmetics.

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