The Story of a Viral Woman Married by a Handsome Norwegian Caucasian, Makes Warganet Baper

Pasangan beda negara viral di media sosial, Tamara Nadia Anjani dan Robert Hegna Jansen.

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The marriage of this couple from different countries stole the attention of netizens on social media. The wedding ceremony carried the custom of Solo, Central Java.

Previously, this couple went viral on social media because the woman invited her boyfriend, a Caucasian from Norway, to a wedding in Indonesia. The reaction of the Caucasian girlfriend at that time was in the spotlight.

Tamara Nadia Anjani (27 years old) from Jakarta is married to an Oslo, Norwegian foreigner, Robert Hegna Jansen (29 years). Tamara uploaded her wedding moments on Instagram @tamaranjani.

"It's not just a mixed marriage, but a miracle that happened that brought us all from different continents together to celebrate love. Love triumphs over all adversity - 23.7.22 ®ðŸ‡©ðŸ’ðŸ‡ ," wrote the Instagram account @tamaranjani.


At the time of the marriage ceremony, Tamara looked stunning by wearing a white kebaya and wedding veil combined with a Sidomukti cloth skirt. Meanwhile, Robert failed with a white beskap typical of the Solo custom.

The families of the two brides are also compact wearing kebaya and beskap with green tosca shades. The wedding ceremony went smoothly and solemnly.

How is their love story?

Wolipop has interviewed Tamara who uploaded a video of her marriage to a Caucasian from Norway on Instagram. He also uploaded his wedding moments on TikTok.

"Initially uploading content about "Dream-in-law candidates" on TikTok, it turned out that many liked it and the response was positive. From there I started to diligently post about my experiences with foreign partners, sharing about life abroad, culture shock abroad too. So indeed my followers Those who have followed me since I was an Indonesian-Norway LDR have also been waiting for my marriage," said Tamara to Wolipop, Monday (5/9/2022).

Tamara also responded to various comments on her social media accounts. He wants to inspire if long distance relationships can lead to the aisle.

"My content can inspire many people, especially those who want to live abroad or have a foreign partner. That LDR relationships can also be successful and come to the altar," he said.

How did Tamaran and Robert meet? Click on the next page!

Tamara, who already has more than 42,3,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that she first met Robet in 2019.

"I met in 2019, while continuing my master's degree in Singapore. It was officially created in October 2019," said Tamara.

According to Tamara, the difficulties in starting a relationship with her Norwegian husband were cultural differences. The two are also trying to learn from each other's language.

"Norwegian and Indonesian cultures are different, from thoughts to habits. But with the passage of time, my husband and I understand and respect each other's culture and customs," continued Tamara.

"I also started learning Norwegian, my husband is also learning Indonesian. Actually, the key to a mixed relationship is compromise and tolerance, listening to and understanding each other," he continued.

Pasangan beda negara viral di media sosial, Tamara Nadia Anjani dan Robert Hegna Jansen. A viral couple from different countries on social media, Tamara Nadia Anjani and Robert Hegna Jansen. Photo: Doc. Instagram @tamaranjani.

Tamara and Robert are officially married

The eldest of three siblings said that Robert had started talking about marriage since last year. He also told the reaction of Robert's extended family.

"Actually, the husband's agreement to get married has started talking in a more serious direction in 2021. After two years of being in a relationship. We already know each other's families, the husband's family is very good, friendly too, welcomes me well. ready to get married," he explained.

On February 14, 2021, Robert proposed to Tamara on her birthday. Tamara feels very happy because she can find the right partner.

Then, the two of them prepared for the wedding for more than a year. Preparations were hampered due to the Corona pandemic. Robert had not been able to come to Indonesia, so the two of them waited until the situation became conducive.

Pasangan beda negara viral di media sosial, Tamara Nadia Anjani dan Robert Hegna Jansen. Tamara Nadia Anjani and Robert Hegna Jansen wedding photo. Photo: Doc. Tamara's personality.

Tamara told me that she and Robert got married in Bali. He also revealed the reasons for choosing the location of the wedding.

"We got married in Bali on July 23, 2022. We chose the venue in Tirtha
Uluwatu because it is very beautiful with direct view to the cliff and the sea. Why Bali? Because we both love Bali and all of our family and friends from abroad can take a vacation too," said Tamara.

Tamara and Robert had two wedding sessions. The marriage contract carries Javanese customs because Tamara's parents are from Central Java.

"Husband wears beskap and I kebaya. My family and husband too
beskap and kebaya from Kanye Kebaya and Anggun Busana. The groomsman (Robert's friends) came all the way from Norway too and wore
beskap uniform," he said happily.

Tamara chose to hold a wedding with Javanese customs because she wanted to introduce Indonesian customs to her husband's family. Moreover, at the wedding, there were also many international guests from India, Denmark, Norway, and Singapore.

"The wedding was intimate with 100 people, only inviting friends, family, and closest relatives. So that it felt sacred. So, all the guests
mingle and having a good time together celebrate our special day," said Tamara, touched.

Then how did Robert react when he went through the Solo traditional procession? Tamara will tell her husband's reaction. Click the next page.

Tamara said she received many questions from Robert's family before undergoing the Solo traditional procession. Starting from sungkeman and others.

"Initially there were many questions about the Javanese custom, then my family and I helped answer and explain too. What is the sungkeman process like? Why does there have to be a sungkeman? Because it's unusual for Norwegians. Their reaction to wearing traditional clothes is also very unique, they feel dashing and beautiful wearing Javanese customs," he said at length.

Obstacles while preparing for the wedding occur because Tamara and Robert live in different countries. She is in Indonesia and husband is in Norway. The two of them are also preparing for the wedding via online.

"Then the husband went to Indonesia once to meet his family and survey the venue as well. The second obstacle is the pandemic situation. Because many of our guests are from abroad, so we have to wait until foreigners are allowed to enter Indonesia, and the pandemic situation is more under control," he explained.

"The next obstacle is looking for Javanese traditional clothes in Bali for Robert's friends, because in Bali there are rarely Javanese customs. But thank God, I was met with Javanese traditional vendors. The fittings of the beskap were really tight, because they were waiting for friends from Norway to arrive. Bali, but everything went smoothly in the end," he said with relief.

Pasangan beda negara viral di media sosial, Tamara Nadia Anjani dan Robert Hegna Jansen. Tamara Nadia Anjani and Robert Hegna Jansen wedding photo. Photo: Doc. Tamara's personality.

After marriage, Tamara plans to move to Norway. He is currently still waiting for a family visa and hopes that the transfer process goes smoothly.

"Currently we are in a long distance marriage, I am in Jakarta and my husband is in Oslo until my visa is approved and we can finally be together in Norway," he continued.

Tamara often gets questions from netizens about tips on having a relationship with Caucasians. He felt there was no special type.

"There are no tips actually. Because my husband and I also met when we were in college, it wasn't a planned thing like a dating app, for example. At least if you want to have a foreign partner, you have to learn to be open minded, in the sense of being open to new things, culture different languages, different languages ​​too. Must be able to compromise and tolerate others, "he concluded.

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