Free Viral Prewedding Without Aesthetic Results Photographer Services, Here's How

Prewedding pasangan Anggun Dhisya Kurnia Ramadhani dan Ilham Yoga Herlambang, viral di media sosial.

Yogyakarta -

Couples who want to capture pre-wedding moments usually use the services of a photographer so that the photos can be aesthetic and Instagramable. However, it is different with this viral couple. They are viral because they can make free pre-wedding photos with aesthetic results without using the services of a photographer.

The photo of the prewedding couple without the services of a photographer was shared by the TikTok account @dhisyaku. In his upload, he shared how to make his own pre-wedding photos by using the timer feature on the cellphone camera and tripod to capture the moment.

Reducing the budget for pre-wedding costs, the couple took pictures using their cellphones. They also edit their own pre-wedding photos.

"Prewedding paid photographerâ
prewedd without photographerâ
both tripod capital and HP edit yourself
I don't want to spend money for pre-wedding," wrote the TikTok account @dhisyaku.

Dhisya's upload of pre-wedding photos with aesthetic results without the services of a photographer has been watched by more than 279.1 thousand views and received 19.8 thousand likes. The pre-wedding moment without a photographer immediately received various comments from netizens.

"It's good, you really inspire me," amazed the account @rofikonisvia.

"Cool sis ," said @Anisaa.

"If I'm just one moment as much as possible to do the best," said the account @Adityabhrsyh.

"The girl's face is very aesthetic °," praised TikTok user @beyyyyy.

"But how cool is the result ...," said the account @bang_Kuy.

"Spill how to edit, what application do you use," replied the account @Hafsah Khoerunnisa.

"If a beautiful person wants any style, it's still good," said the @HambaAllah account.

@dhisyaku Hehe hope it inspires ° #CatchMini #preweddingretro #prewedding #preweddingvideo #preweddingoutdoor #fyp â original sound - duckjail

Confirm Wolipop

Wolipop has contacted Anggun Dhisya Kurnia Ramadhani who uploaded a viral pre-wedding photo. Dhisya revealed the reason for taking pre-wedding photos without using the services of a photographer.

"Because the two of us don't have a lot of budget to get married, because we don't have much budget. The event will be semi-intimate, but we still want to have a pre-wedding. When we asked about the services of a photographer, the price didn't match. So we thought about using the same cellphone. just a tripod. The problem is how the result is like how it's okay, the important thing is to have a pre-wedding moment," said Dhisya to Wolipop.

The 23-year-old woman and her partner, Ilham Yoga Herlambang, held a pre-wedding photo session at Gamplong Alam Studio Yogyakarta on September 26, 2022. Dhisya said that he was inspired to take pre-wedding photos using a cellphone timer from the Dimas and Liza celebrities.

Dhisya, who lives in Temanggung, Central Java, responded to various comments from netizens about the results of his photos, including comparing them with the work of photographers.

"Happy and annoyed, some like it and some compare the results of the photographer. The point is, if we are smart to look for opportunities, even though our budget is not much, we can definitely make something happen as long as we have the intention and want to learn. One more thing, don't compare economic and pleasure limits from one person to another. That's different," he concluded.

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