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Jakarta - Having a beautiful face is certainly a dream for women. However, for most women, being beautiful is the same as having bright and glowing skin. In fact, this perception continues to increase, as can be seen from the emergence of various beauty products that offer benefits to brighten the skin.

To get bright glowing or glowing skin, some women often do the wrong skin care, starting from over-exfoliating, not using sunscreen, to washing their faces often, as quoted by kbeautynotes.

In fact, not a few of them do instant, but misleading treatments to get rid of dull facial skin. For example, such as injection of high doses of vitamin C, or using all skincare products with brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide, or Hyaluronic acid without knowing the condition of the skin.

Causes of Dull Skin Problems

Having a dull face is sometimes annoying, but it's a good idea to avoid instant treatments that are wrong and can actually damage the skin even more. Because, launching goodhousekeeping, basically there are many things that can cause facial skin to become dull, ranging from dehydration, stress, makeup stains, unhealthy lifestyles, to environmental conditions.

In addition, dull skin can also be caused due to age. Given the older age, the skin also undergoes changes due to a slowed metabolism and reduced collagen production. For that, skin care also needs to be adjusted to the conditions and causes.

The Right Way To Have Glowing Bright Facial Skin

You can actually get glowing facial skin through the application of skincare, but the results will certainly not be instant. Well, for those of you who want to get rid of dull skin in a quick and short time, try the ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING treatment series.

Through its latest campaign #BrightDoneRight, ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING provides certainty of the right skin lightening process.

ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING presents real glowing results, glowing expert supported by dermatologists , personalized and complete solution.


ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING provides a program that is designed precisely according to the needs of each patient's skin through the following treatments, the results are immediately visible in 1 treatment.

1. Crystal Glow Peeling


If you want dead skin cells to be removed perfectly and instant glowing results, this peeling treatment is for you. By massaging the facial area until the peeling liquid is absorbed, Crystal Glow Peeling makes the face smoother, brighter, cleaner and of course glowing.

2. Instarradiance


If you crave a treatment whose results can be seen immediately and give an instant glowing effect, Single Instradiance by IPL is the answer. Treatment using the latest IPL method uses high speed, low energy, with a higher number of shots, thus providing maximum results compared to conventional IPL.

3. Ultimate Radiance


Craving bright, glowing and anti-dull skin? Single Ultimate Radiance treatment is the answer. This treatment combines the latest technology of microdermabrasion and IPL which works by removing dead skin cells using crystals that make the skin texture even, combined with light energy. So that the skin becomes smooth, soft, bright, cleans the pores and makes the skin glowing perfectly.

Want bright and healthy skin maximally? It's time to choose the right way to brighten and moisturize the skin. Personally designed, ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING offers 3 programs that focus on dull skin problems and dark spots/hyperpigmentation.

The Glow Glam Program is presented as a solution to remove dead skin cells and provide extra hydration to make skin look healthier and more radiant. The Glow Glam Program treatments include Glow & Go, Crystal Glow Peeling, and Photorejuvenation Laser, Instaradiance, and Ultimate Radiance.

Meanwhile, Crystal Clear Program is a solution to overcome the problem of black spots/hyperpigmentation on the face so that the skin color becomes even and bright. The treatments carried out in the Crystal Clear Program include DNA Salmon Glass Skin Injection, Derma Peeling, and Crystal Glow Peeling.

ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING also presents a special treatment program to prepare a fresh, clean, and glowing face for your wedding day, namely the Royal Wedding Program.

Each of these programs has 3 plans, namely the Advance Plan which includes consultation with a doctor/dermatologist, a series of products and more than 1 type of treatment. The Basic Plan includes consultation with a doctor/dermatologist, a series of products and 1 type of treatment. And the Product Plan which includes consultation with a doctor/dermatologist and a series of products.

Plan This is also supported by the 5C concept, which includes the Clear Program, which is a program chosen according to skin conditions and needs. Clear Plan, the program is designed according to needs. Clear Skin Goals, the final result is presented from the start. Clear Duration, the time and duration of the program is clear. And Clear Cost, the price can be known from the start.

Information related to treatment can be found on the official website of ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING via this link or check Instagram .

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